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Cold Day In Hell
Ajouté dans la catégorie Hip-Hop | proposé par kalaGane01
validé par : hot-kainry le 18.05.2011 16:08
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[Verse 1: Big Vic]<br />

Oh yes I'm big, the B the I so I mack two Gs<br />

Then comes the fuckin' Vic the V-I and a couple ah Cs<br />

Listenin' to the anger in my head sayin' I gotta stay drunk<br />

While I'm waitin' for this punk wid this cold pump<br />

Lookin' a lavish nigga as he sittin' on them gold thangs<br />

Grippin' on his Mac looped up by a shoe string<br />

Around the piece, while I let him live a little longer<br />

Perbin' cause I'm drunk so my trigger finger's a little bit slow-er<br />

Hell's freezin' over, clickin' so hard we yellin' Cold World Hustler<br />

I can't contain, what I can't control<br />

So I'm stumblin' through the nineties and forever on the, roll<br />

Cause the neighborhood watch is watchin' cause I'm bustin'<br />

Then the niggas in the Sucka Free'll have you sluggin'<br />

It's a anything for money thang, a shortage in the dope game<br />

The thirty two's are poppin' fuck the fame, nigga<br />

I'm over the fence and up the stairs never reminiscin'<br />

Took my ski-mask off and slapped a new clip in<br />

Time to fire up a joint cause it's hectic<br />

Sirens fill the street cause nigga I'm a suspect<br />

Young ass nigga bangin' barely coppin' quarters<br />

If money wasn't a issue man I wouldn't pop at, rollers<br />

A cold day a cold week a cold year well<br />

The thoughts of a past on this highway to, hell<br />

<br />

[Verse 2: Rell]<br />

Now as I decide to creep up from behind already glock is cocked<br />

Now watch the body drop, my finger went, back and forth<br />

Repeatedly rapidly niggas wanna jump bad wid me<br />

Nigga fuck that shit that's why I copped me a glock and went<br />

Pop pop pop, I love the sound it goes click-clack<br />

Pop pop pop, I watch is head go split-splat<br />

Pop pop pop, I'm watchin' suckas go skit-skat<br />

Pop pop pop, that was the jack for the crack sack<br />

It's a shame for what a young nigga go through<br />

Smokin' on that dank hopin' a young nigga pull through<br />

I'm hopin' that the five-oh don't wanna roll through<br />

Fuckin' up my money while I'm tryna pay my, dues<br />

Man FUCK! what did I do to deserve this yo I don't know<br />

Born October twenty-ninth a motherfuckin' Scorpio<br />

Me no have no morals, me no have no cares<br />

And me don't give a fuck if me be livin' or you be dead<br />

So me creep through me motherfuckin' streets<br />

The only reason you no see me cause me creepin' frequent-ly<br />

So then I cock back my glock I'm clever niggas be gettin' took forever<br />

Anything for money still, the way I'm livin' nigga<br />

Can't ignore ignorance, helplessness or selflessness<br />

Shittiness or emptiness or incompetence from a nigga<br />

Hell will be a cold place, when they see my face<br />

I'm gonna sell these cold rocks, up and down the hot blocks<br />

Wait'll they get a load of me, down in H-E-L-L<br />

For niggas that know for once I'm sick ass R-E-L-L<br />

It'll be a cold day in hell before the Rell<br />

will accept any shit from a bitch or the next nigga<br />

<br />

[Verse 3: Taydatay]<br />

Well you can step into the mind of a psychotic psycho<br />

Gangbangin' creepin' wid my three fuckin' eight-oh<br />

A baldhead I keeps my sag on you better watch yo back<br />

I'm quick to get my blast on I creep up from the cuts<br />

Commit a 2-11 then I fuck around and leave up from the scene with a, 1-8-7<br />

He never had a chance it was dark<br />

I let the nine spark as he stepped from his 'Lark<br />

So call me Taydataker quick to pull a fuckin' caper<br />

Makin' money all the time, lable me the fuckin' mail maker<br />

All about my grip, stuck to the grind<br />

I fuck hoes in daylight then sell dope and nighttime<br />

Cause nighttime is my time and your time is short tho<br />

You can't tell me shit when I'm off that there indo<br />

Creepin' through the cuts just like that nigga said before<br />

I'm sprayin' up the party as I blast through the door<br />

So run up or step up I'm down for the plot<br />

I can't fake no pitches hoe truster I'm not<br />

No bitch before the crew that's what we say up in our click<br />

Cold day in fuckin' hell for this 4-1-5 shit<br />

<br />

[HOOK:]<br />

Cold day in hell, these are, cold days for real, nigga<br />

[x4]<br />

<br />

[Verse 4: E-Sick]<br />

One two three four five fuck it enough niggas to fill the bucket<br />

Mashin' down third straight chokin' on, blunts<br />

Party's hangin' out the window best believe they got a pistol<br />

Cold world hustlin' niggas just couldn't give a fuck bitch<br />

Dodgin' through the cut tryna stay on the under scene<br />

Never trust a bitch so myself was the only team<br />

Started packin' pistol cuz if cream that nigga took my life<br />

Imagine even that, that's some shit I can't fight<br />

Ain't nobody help me the corner's gettin' hot as fuck<br />

I stopped shootin' dice in nine tray, there was no luck<br />

Drinkin' more and more smokin' dank gettin' fucked up<br />

Niggas still dyin' but still I can't give a fuck<br />

Always stressed deep depressed my dick is in the, dirt<br />

Head is achin' knees shakin' I gotta put in work<br />

Sleepless late nights poppin' pills so I won't go to sleep<br />

That's the life I'm livin' right now in these cold streets<br />

<br />

[Verse 5: Maine-O]<br />

It's enough to make a nigga wanna take his pistol grip<br />

And buck buck buck him with that motherfuckin' weak shit<br />

Play me not, you tryna plex over them cheeks<br />

But little did you know that I been killin' shit for weeks<br />

Marks punks and bitches, keep me personally protected<br />

No funk intended, I just intend to be respected<br />

I been constantly jacked bossed and tossed in the cell<br />

Got the kinda story to tell about a cold day in hell<br />

Hammers rammed in the dirt, cause we be slammin' on tape<br />

Paid dues and been accused for everything from murder to rape<br />

Yeh it's ya main Maine I'm posse-in' up wid assassins<br />

I'm buckin' down these corners tearin' niggas in halves<br />

And niggas try to plot plex, and play me<br />

But I be poppin' cops and busta niggas on a daily<br />

I got my shady, shady niggas like an oak tree<br />

And now my guage be first to be sure you don't smoke me<br />

Laws can't draw slow, I'm packin' my four-four<br />

My hoe's name is nina but I think I need a little more<br />

I pick bout four gats, that's havin' whole clicks bookin'<br />

And niggas gettin' filthy cause my hookers bout they hookin'<br />

Havin' no remorse, as I'm watchin' niggas scatter<br />

And of course I got the force I'ma ratter-tat tatter<br />

Eratin' they ass, wid some hollow point spray<br />

My dope spot's hot, but in hell it's a cold day<br />

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